My friend Nicole Hertvik took over DC Metro Theater Arts and, occasionally, I’ll review a show or interview a musician for the site. Helps me keep in touch with DC/MD/VA theater and it’s a good flex of the reviewing muscle.

Review: A Rap on Race

A mixed-genre performance (dance and drama) of the 1970s debate between James Baldwin and Margaret Mead. Nicely done, but there’s no rapping. FYI.

Review: The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek

This was potentially celebrated South African playwright Athol Fugard’s last play, and it’s amazing.

Review: Footloose, the Musical

I reviewed Fairfax City’s production of Footloose: The Musical for DCMTA. Pretty good! My review’s a bit longer than that.

Review: Adult Entertainment

I had the chance to review Elaine May’s “Adult Entertainment.” Features nudity and frequent mentions of Yale University.

Review: Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill

Anyone who knows me knows my deep hardcore love for Bille Holiday, so I jumped at the chance to review “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill.”

An Interview with Sara Jones

I love Sara Jones’s voice, so I jumped at the chance to interview her for D.C. Metro Theater Arts. We talked about her career, some of her favorite singers and, of course, Susan Lucci.

Review: Snow Day

I reviewed another kids’ performance for DCMTA. Fun one for the holidays! This is what you do when you write and have a kid.

Review: Drumming with Dishes

I don’t just write violent crime fiction. Well, I pretty much do, but I also reviewed this children’s show for DC Metro Theater Arts. I’m layered.

An Interview with Nicole Atkins

I had the chance to interview one of today’s best (and my favorites) singer/songwriters, Nicole Atkins! I definitely recommend checking out her music. You know, if you like things that are awesome.

Poetry Cabaret: Capitol Fringe Review

I reviewed a show for D.C.’s Fringe Festival that warned of nudity. There was no nudity. Here’s my SFW review.