Random essays, interviews, and columns I’ve written for a bunch of different, fun sites and publications:

World of My Imagination

I did an interview with World of My Imagination and talked about THE UNREPENTANT, writing, and (what I think will be) the next literary movement.

Virginia Center for Literary Arts

I did a reading, accompanied by my friend DJ Alkimist. And we were joined by the writer Angie Kim, who was accompanied by her son. The folks at VCLA put together a lovely write-up and included a video of the event. Check it out! It’s really good!

Interview: One Bite at a Time

Dana King had me back on his blog to talk about THE UNREPENTANT and the crime fiction community. And I called him a cranky asshole. I stand by that.

An Author’s Balancing Act

I wrote a column for Publishers Weekly Soapbox about my changing views in regards to violence, particularly within my own work. Publishers Weekly! Cool, right?

Drinks with Reads

The popular site Mystery Playground hosts a weekly feature called Drinks with Reads every Friday, in which a Friday discusses what drink pairs best with their work. I wrote about screwdrivers and the first time I got drunk. No shame here!

Interview: The Big Thrill

My good friend, and a fantastic writer, Wendy Tyson interviewed me about The Unrepentant for The Big Thrill. And they stuck me on the cover! Very cool!

Interview: Crimespree Magazine

I’ve read Crimespree Magazine for years, long before I was first published, and it was surreal to be interviewed by them. I talked about The Unrepentant and why my favorite passage in crime fiction is a sex scene.

The Center

I was asked to write an essay about the shooting at my son’s day care for Unloaded: Vol. 2, an anthology of crime fiction stories without guns.It’s the only piece of nonfiction among all that fiction, and I was honored by the request. I think it’s the best essay I’ve ever written.

Wicked Cozy Authors: The Night of the Flood

Our last interview for The Night of the Flood, I promise! Anyway, this was a fun one. Alan Orloff, one of the contributors, interviewed Sarah M. Chen and me about the book. Thanks to Sherry Harris for having us on the site!

A Look into The Night of the Flood

Crimespree Magazine invited a few of us to discuss what led to our stories in The Night of the Flood. So I wrote a little introduction and Sarah M. Chen, Jennifer Hillier, and Angel Luis Colon gave some background.

Interview: The Night of the Flood

Sarah M. Chen and I were interviewed by Basil Sands about The Night of the Flood in ITW’s The Big Thrill. Also included a picture of me and Mario and Luigi. That’s not relevant to the book, FYI.

Interview: The Night of the Flood

Dana King interviewed me and my co-editor, Sarah M. Chen, about our work with The Night of the Flood. We used the opportunity to talk smack about the other contributors, obviously.

Monday Inspiration: Aymar and Alkimist

The writer Marietta Miles was nice enough to feature and interview me and DJ Alkimist on our collaboration! Very cool to appear on Do Some Damage, one of my favorite crime fiction sites.

Composite Sketch

It was a geniune honor to be part of the BOLO Books composite sketch series! I love what that site does for crime fiction, and it was truly lovely to be part of it. 

Reading Across America: Going Noir in DC

I had the chance to contribute a piece to the terrific “Reading Across America” series by Penina Roth, so I wrote about Nour at the Bar, and how it fits with Washington, D.C. (I host the D.C. series). Also includes a dismembered penis!

The Sword

My friend Jenny Drummey started a new feature where writers write about giving up cherished objects. I wrote about why I can’t keep a sword and a toddler in the same house.

Alison Emerges

jmww journal debuted “We All Do What We Can,” the second track by DJ Alkimist and me. This essay explains the impetus behind it.

Cool Stuff Writers Do

SmokeLong Quarterly interviewed DJ Alkimist and me about our joint effort, “short stories + music.”

#30 Authors: Flood Gate

As part of the annual #30 Authors project, I reviewed (lovingly) Johnny Shaw’s novel, Flood Gate.

A Hot Night in D.C.

Eryk Pruitt read at D.C.’s third Noir at the Bar, wrote about it for Spinetingler Magazine, and interviewed me for the piece.

The Hard Truth

My friend (and a terrific writer) Kim Alexander, invited me to contribute a piece about writing workshops to the Fabulous Fictionistas. So I wrote about the time a professor beat my work up.


The novelist Jenny Yacovissi interviewed me for Late Last Night Books. Topics included Star Wars, exes, and things I wish I’d changed.

7 Things I’ve Learned So Far

The terrific Chuck Sambuchino runs a series called “7 Things I’ve Learned So Far,” and I contributed a column to it. I talk about not being an a-hole and posse’ing up.


I wrote about my trip to the morgue for the Sirens of Suspense. What’d you do on YOUR summer vacation?

One Bite at a Time

The writer Dana King interviewed me, 20 questions-style, for his blog. We had fun! I talked about stalking exes online.

Developing an Unforgettable Series Character

I wrote a guest post for the podcast Crime Fiction.FM about character creation, and how Tom Starks relates to Campbell’s mythic hero quest. Just kidding; I don’t know what that means.


The Baltimore Guide did a really lovely interview with me. I talked about You’re As Good As Dead and how Baltimore influences my work. And I barely use the word “lovely,” so you know I really liked it.


I was the Guest Editor for SmokeLong Quarterly, one of the best flash fiction pubs out there, and they interviewed me for the site. I talked about writing, violence, and my favorite TV show of all time (spoiler alert: it’s Manimal).

Made It Moment

Jenny Milchman runs a fantastic series of “Made It Moments” on her blog. I wrote about it how I haven’t made it yet.

What I’ve Learned Since I Got Published

I detailed three things I’ve learned since I got published, including why lying matters.


The book reviewing site, Fast Page Turner, conducted a very nice interview with me about the Dead trilogy. They also reviewed I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead a week or so earlier. You can read that review here.

Finding the Right Publishing Path

I wrote about my own path to publishing, and the different options open to writers today. Also contains tips on how to sleep to the top (no judgment).

The Story Behind the Story

I wrote this for one of my favorite crime fiction writing sites, The Rap Sheet, about revenge. Contains a brief mention of Darth Vader.

Meeting Audience Expectations

Here a piece I wrote about meeting audience expectations, and why erotica fans need some kissin.’

Five Tips on How to Get Blurbs

Here’s a piece I wrote about getting blurbs for your book. Or, as the kids call it, blurbin’!

Your Hero Sucks

Here’s a piece I wrote about heroes in thrillers, and the complexity of creating a compelling story with a flawed main character.

Creating a Fan Base with Serial Fiction

I wrote a small piece for Tuesday Serial about how I used my serial novella, When the Deep Purple Falls, to try and create enthusiasm for I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead. This essay has the words “sex dungeon” in it, for some reason.

Interview – Cathrina Constantine

One of my fellow Black Opal Books’ writers interviewed me for her blog. We discussed editing and orgies. Usual stuff.

Weekends in Baltimore

I wrote this small essay for The Big Thrill magazine when I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead was first published, and discussed why I wrote about Baltimore and some of the challenges with trying to capture a city.

This piece was then re-printed in Pen in Hand, the official publication of the Maryland Writers Association. You can read the issue here.