The Unrepentant



They never expected her to fight back…

Eighteen-year old Charlotte Reyes ran away from an abusive home only to end up tricked, kidnapped, and taken across the country by criminals. Charlotte manages to escape with the help of a reluctant former soldier named Mace Peterson, but she can’t seem to shake the gang or the crooked cop paid to bring her back—alive or otherwise. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Charlotte realizes she only has one option. She has to fight.

Set in the Virginia, Maryland, D.C. triangle, The Unrepentant combines page-gripping action and black comedy, and provides a no-holds-barred, necessary examination of the dark corners of the human mind.


“Gut-wrenching…Readers who appreciate depth of character alongside gritty nonstop action will be rewarded.”

Publishers Weekly

“Anyone who knows E. A. Aymar would expect nothing less – The Unrepentant is a pull-no-punches narrative that treads the line between riveting thriller and sobering exposé, never short on action-packed set-pieces staged against a backdrop of the darkest of criminal realities; but also fully homed in on humanity’s heart and soul, at once both empathetic and authentic, with an underlying use of dark, witty repartee and riposte to infuse some breathing room into what was potentially a somber and depressive atmosphere.”

BOLO Books

“…What sets Aymar apart is the light he uses to create his shadows.”

Book Riot

The themes of sex, violence, and the depths humans can dwell in are examined within the pages of THE UNREPENTANT. Aymar takes these unpleasant pieces and creates an unputdownable thriller.

Crimespree Magazine

The novel achieves an impressive balancing act of gritty crime and violence, along with insights on how complicated it can be to be human…The true rub of this book, however, lies in how well Aymar captures how fear manifests itself in each character.

Santa Fe Writer’s Project

Aymar pens a book that readers needs to pick up a copy and read.

Cheryl’s Book Nook

A harsh, brutal, and concerning story but balanced with hope, friendship, healing and a healthy dose of payback.

Col’s Criminal Library

“Compelling…shows the resilience of the human spirit.”

Book Club Babble

Gritty and fleet, THE UNREPENTANT takes an unflinching look at things that aren’t to be forgiven. Aymar’s storytelling is timely, thoughtful, and well-informed and will stay with you long after The End.

Jamie Mason, author of THREE GRAVES FULL and MONDAY’S LIE

Brutal, dark and disturbing, Ed Aymar’s THE UNREPENTANT packs a punch not easy to forget.

Zoë Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox crime thriller series

THE UNREPENTANT is a powerful, darkly evocative story that features an unforgettable protagonist in the wily Charlotte Reyes. These elements combine to make for a thrilling revenge tale peppered with sharp humor and feeling both timely and timeless. E.A. Aymar has arrived.”

Alex Segura, acclaimed author of BLACKOUT and DANGEROUS ENDS

Savage, nuanced, and infused with Aymar’s signature dry wit, THE UNREPENTANT is an enjoyable hardboiled tale that pulls no punches. Compulsively readable, this is E.A. Aymar’s best novel to date.

Jennifer Hillier, author of CREEP and WONDERLAND

Aymar tackles a horrific problem with unflinching courage and wit. THE UNREPENTANT rewards readers with crisp prose, relentless thrills, and characters you’d want on your team in what is, at its core, a modern-day brawl between good and evil. I couldn’t put it down.

Wendy Tyson, author of ROOTED IN DECEIT

THE UNREPENTANT is a gripping and unnerving tale about the sex trade, American justice, and what it means to be a hero. E.A. Aymar takes on a taboo subject with honesty and courage.

Allison Leotta, author of THE LAST GOOD GIRL

A tale of unflinching brutality, told with dark humour and bursting with empathy for both victim and hapless criminal alike, THE UNREPENTANT is an action-packed, fast-moving thrill ride sure to leave readers breathless.

Owen Laukkanen, bestselling author of THE PROFESSIONALS