Short Stories

Following is a list of the short stories I’ve had published.



Always an honor to have a story in Shotgun Honey, one of crime fiction’s best homes! Anyway, this one is super short and it’s about a threesome.


The Lobster Tank

My story, “The Lobster Tank,” was selected for inclusion in this terrific anthology. The requirement was that each story somehow tied into food. I set mine in the noir’est place imaginable, a Red Lobster.


Becky Says Bye

I was really honored that this story was published by Shotgun Honey. I read a version of this at D.C.’s 2016 Noir at the Bar.


The Line

Like “Beautiful as Hell,” I read this story at a Noir at the Bar (New Jersey), sent it out for publication, and Out of the Gutter accepted it! Usual stuff – jealousy, stalking, and magnum-sized condoms.


Beautiful As Hell

I read this story at a Noir at the Bar in Baltimore, and then sent it out for publication. Happily, the terrific folks at Yellow Mama made it part of their Halloween issue. It’s about a guy who’s rashly kidnapped a woman. Hilarity ensues! Not really.


I Just Want to Love You

Here’s a short story I wrote that was published in the excellent magazine Crime Factory. It’s about a sociopath trying to break up with his mistress. Like a romantic comedy, but the opposite.


My Grand Romantic Gesture

This is the second short story I published with the Menda City Review. I wrote this during a graduate school creative writing seminar, saved it and brought it back to life a year or so later. Do you like cutters? Yes? Then you’ll like this piece.


Past Matters

Here’s another bit of flash fiction that ran in the Zodiac Review, a cool little quarterly webzine. Do you like dysfunctional marriages? Then click the above link!


The Outer Banks

“The Outer Banks” is my favorite of my short stories, mainly because it does what I think a short story should do. I was thrilled when the nice people at the Menda City Review accepted it.


Goodbye, Baltimore

I wrote this story for my friend and promised her that I wouldn’t publish it. Then I promptly sent it out anyway and, after it was accepted, asked her if she was okay with the story appearing online. Happily, she was cool with it, and didn’t even mind my hastily–broken promise.


The Drop

I don’t write a lot of flash fiction, but I wanted to give it a shot. A traditional short story is hard enough to write, but flash fiction presents even more challenges.